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Please Follow:
Login to Client Area >> Services >> My services >> View detials >> Management Actions >> Request Cancellation.
  • LetBox does NOT accept cancellation requests via email, phone, or support ticket. Not using the service, non-payment, or moving your service elsewhere, is NOT a valid method of cancellation---nor are we aware when such is done.
  • Chargeback against a legit charge placed by LetBox, a $20 administrative fee will be charged per chargeback.
  • IMPORTANT: If you have any subscription setup in Paypal or 2Checkout, make sure you login to your Paypal or 2Checkout and cancel 
    that or can contact us, if not, Paypal or 2Checkout will keep sending us payment every month. And when they do, can only be added
    as credit towards the account and cannot be refunded.

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