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Dallas Network Maintenance ( Scheduled Outage) March 1, 2016

  • Wednesday, 2nd March, 2016
  • 12:47pm

We are emailing you today to notify you of an upcoming network maintenance that will cause a network outage of less than 10 minutes. The relatively short notice is due to the state of one of our network switches presently in a critical state. The Juniper switch will need to be rebooted to ensure all new configurations take effect and to prevent this problem from happening in the future. 


Details -

Date: March 2, 2016

Time: 11AM CST

Duration: 10 Minutes

Effect: Network Outage

Facilities: Dallas, Texas


If you have any questions about this outage or want more information on how it will relate to your specific services with us, please feel free to reply to this email. The outage is not expected to last more than 10 minutes, with a 5-6 minute estimate duration. 



Thank you,

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